Musings on the Past

Our Autonomous Future Part 2: A Passing Phenomenon

I’ve never been to Mercedes-Benz’s museum in Stuttgart, but I’ve been told that visitors are greeted by a stuffed horse standing next to the words “I believe in the horse. The automobile is only a passing phenomenon” at its entrance. Those words were uttered in 1905 by Kaiser Wilhelm II, the last emperor of Germany, […]

Musings on the Motoring World

Our Autonomous Future Part 1: The Inevitable Transition

Industry veteran and serial straight-talker Bob Lutz stirred the hornet’s nest recently by declaring that the automotive industry is on its last legs, 20 years to be exact before the autonomous revolution would render all human-operated cars, buses, and lorries, redundant. The outspoken businessman envisioned a future where driverless faceless electric pods zipping around city […]