Musings on the Past

60 years of the Mini – Why the Mini could never be replicated today

It speaks volumes that the adherents to the belief that “progress is threatening the things we treasure” are either car enthusiasts or religious fundamentalists. Not that it is entirely unhealthy, everyone needs a higher ideal to look towards to, even if that statement is largely untrue when it comes to cars.  Despite all the despair […]

Musings on the Motoring World

Are rear-wheel-drive layouts becoming redundant?

There is certainly an air of smugness hanging over Porsche’s headquarters when Ferrari unveiled a new plug-in hybrid range-topper known as the SF90 Stradale. At its heart lies a 574kW twin-turbo V8 – an evolution of that used in the F8 Tributo – which is aided by a trio of electric motors, two being attached […]