Musings on the Past

What could have been: The incredible experimental engines that time forgot

It is happening, Rolls-Royce, the once-great institution of British automotive pride, will be creating a dedicated all-electric model line. According to reports, Rolls-Royce will confirm its plans for the new model, the Silent Shadow, later this year. Though, many are already speculating that it will enter production within the decade. While this move won’t signal […]

Musings on the Motoring World

Two too far? Have We Reached The Limit Of Downsizing With The Three-cylinder Engine?

It is a strange world to be living in when the most exciting enthusiast car of the year is a Toyota Yaris with a three-cylinder engine. Okay, there is more to the Toyota GR Yaris than its squashed bodybuilder physique.  Underneath its inflated arches lies a bespoke three-cylinder engine and a melange of chassis parts lifted […]